Runescape Game

Runescape is a very popular flash-based role playing game that you can play online. The game world is very generous continuing the line initiated more than 15 years ago by MUDs, within a graphical environment.

RuneScape, the well-known online multiplayer adventure game, since 2001. There are currently some 4.1 million active registered players of the game in over 15 countries.

Jagex owns Community Trade Mark no.E2942761, UK Trade Mark

no.2302308, and US Trade Mark no.2829952 for the word RUNESCAPE in classes 16, 25 and 41. Jagex also has common law rights (and/or under company name/unfair competition law or equivalent) in the name RUNESCAPE deriving from its extensive use outlined above.


All Runescape product names and/or logos are copyrights and trademarks of their respective owners.

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3 Responses to “Runescape”

  1. Vanny O Says:

    “…is a very popular flash-based role playing game”

    You mean Java Based =]

  2. RobloxAmbassador Says:

    I play ROBLOX! as zezima453 on ROBLOX, a ok creative universe

  3. freerscodes Says:

    Great post on the game RuneScape, and yes, it’s Java based as someone else pointed out.

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