Runescape Newest update discussion on Rare Items

The Runescape new duel arena update has caused a LOT of discussion on the forum, and even though Jagex’s intentions were honorable, the rants are continuing to pour in. To pull a little attention from the the negative thoughts, why don’t you check out the speculation of how the update will affect the rares market.

Freesi said Before the update, staking stands as one of the most awesome income in the game (seems better than 91rc), with this income, stakers could afford rares so they constitute a major portion of the demand on rares, now that staking is down, will Runescape rares drop?

8 hours ago I saw people successfully selling red masks for 35m Runescape Gold each. Now I see people attempting to sell them for 30m each. I haven’t been watching other rares though, except for one of my friends who successfully sold a red phat for 240m this morning. Not sure on the price of them right now.

I am so glad I sold mine last weeI think this and the grand exchange will both effect the RS economy alot. People will probably buy rares for much less so prices will go down. Though if some prices go down there will be less bots so there is some good thuings. I think now stakers will maybe use other combat mean to raise money and the duel arena will be more for fun then profet.k.

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Whilst stakers are probably some of the richest players in the game, they are not actually generating any income.. No new money enters the economy as a result of a stake being won or lost – it is merely a change in the disribution of wealth. Stakers are, therefore, simply efficient collectors of gp.

It is always difficult to predict the impact of any updates on the price of any items within the game, but if even half the number of stakers quit that have threatened to then the supply of rares will also be reduced as they are taken out of the game on retired accounts..

prices atm are down alot 30M+ on phats and 4m-5m on masks and santas in w2

Either way, I’m keeping my white party hat until I die

BGS fell 10M today as well. I bought one and then sold, for a loss for 500K -_-. Luckily I sold one for 45.5 yesterday

Excellent news! Thanks for the update.

apparently some party hats have dropped by 50 mil.
as soon as people reolize this price drop them will start buying, the price always stabalized then goes up, its just a trend I’ve seen with past rare crashes. Everyone says it wont and then it does. I expect them to go back up, ALOT, with a bit of time, then drop back down to a stable price similar to what it was.

they have dropped by those amounts or they cost those amounts?
Either way I stand to lose a fair amount on my masks
Someone say something reassuring, please

Stakers have always been quite a big players in the Rares Market – not too surprising rares have been going down so much on this.

Even though I have no clue of the current sentiment, with all the panic going on the drop may last a little longer yet, especially with people being all so negative about the GE.

In the end, all of this is futile to bring down the rares prices permanently. They will rebound to new heights sooner or later anyway. Although Jagex does

continously add new negative price factors for rares, which is partly why they haven’t been increasing all that much over the last year anymore and perhaps might not do much in the future as well. Plus, there are other factors, like stagnating population growth and lower money growth.

It is quite sad that some people actually enjoy it if other players gameplay is disturbed, while they claim that such gameplay doesn’t effect them at all.

Yeah, sad. Especially when the same hypocrits call for people to take on a “nicer attitude” in the game.

Edit: Cross quoting the following from another thread makes it even 10 times worse what you said.

yea i boguht my santa 21.5m they much less now but comes dec 20th-24 theyl be 25-30m and il make profit buy rares by seasons.I’ve seen those prices in RSOF

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as well but 99.9% of them are fake threads but there’s always one or two scared players that sells their rare for low because they think the world is ending. 

Have you seen any REAL completed trades in W2 for those prices?
I have not seen many, if any at all in RSOF.

Stakers were the ones who put the greatest demand on rares. The average player would take months to actually make the same money as a staker could in a day.

Many stakers hoarded rares, but with this new update, they can no longer afford to buy more rares so the demand has pretty much disappeared. It’s a shame, since my purple went up like 40M since September

You apparently haven’t been paying attention, because I have been complaining all day about the 3k limit, *even though* it doesn’t affect me at all personally.

But the prices of rares going down doesn’t “disturb” anyone’s gameplay. I think it’s a good thing when ridiculous situations are corrected, and the prices of rares definitely qualifies.
Well I’ve had rares since before high level staking and they always went up in price then. So, historically speaking, rares will still go up even if there are no stakers.

It’s hardly ridiculous. The demand is set by the players, not Jagex. If some are willing to pay that much, then I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t.

I’m sure Jagex will fix the 3k limit if people spam/rant/flame them enough .

no but for the sake of rares, duellers gathered and accumulated money rather than it being split up, and not effecting rares. When it is split up, it may not buy a rare. Ppl can’t gather money as fast any more, so less rares will be sold, and rare prices will fall.

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