Runescape, Suck fagex! Disable my Runescape Account.

Editor SkyMy nick name is sky, I have been selling Runescape Gold since 2005.7. I don’t have a site selling Runescape Gold before. I used to contact the runescape player by MSN.

Now I have my professional Cheapest Runescape Gold Store


The runescape accounts I have always be level 3. So I want to level up an account with high skill points. And become one ranker of RuneScape Hiscores..


Everyone must know that we need to complete the newbie quest first, So I was sent to Lumbrige by magic guide.

 I start to attack some goblins in lumbrige. Larry told me that slash could increase strength XP fast. So kill goblins by stab, lunge, slash and block, so my attach xp, strength xp and defence xp increate relevant. Then I know use which attach method to increase my strength xp.

Second I start to fishing in the Draynor Village northwest of Lumbrige. And then I fish in lumbrige when my fishing level comes 20.

  I level up some skills Woodcutting, fire making, cooking and fish. Aha, finally I could fish salmon, cook and eat it.

 My account with combat lvl 43, attach 39, strength 37, defence 38. And my fishing is 30, cooking 31, fire making 13.

But Jagex banned my account without any reasonable cause today. I never used my account trade, buy gold. And I only have 20k gold coins in my bank account. LOL! 

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