what is cheapest gold

Some runescape players always search cheapest runescape gold…
But I think choose runesape gold store site is not only price, but also their deliver speed and their gold service.

http://www.runescape2gold.net always want to be one of the cheapest Gold Seller. The fast delivery, and give you the professional gold service.
But after runescape update for 3000GP limit, we can’t supply our customers the fast deliver, and take us lots of time to collect and transfer gold. These reasons make our deliver process slower.

So some players are thinking about if the runescape update is good for runescape players.?
Runescape is a online game. But the update make the online runescape like stand-alone game. Runescape kill all players’trade liberty in online game. And also make the game disinteresting.
Finally lots of runescape players will leave runescape forever.

http://www.runescape2gold.net always is your best cheapest runescape gold store.!
Merry Xmas!


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