New Update of Maplestory on holiday goodies

Los Angeles, CA – December 14, 2007 – This holiday season, Nexon America Inc. is giving its 4 million-plus players the gift that made MapleStory so popular in the first place: good old fashioned MMORPG thrills with exhilarating quests, exciting in-game events, and intense guild competitions. These events end the year on a high note, as Nexon America focuses on maintaining its leadership position and reputation for providing and servicing the best games in the casual MMO space. MapleStory’s in-game excitement is supplemented with web contests featuring the real-life talents of its community.


With the rise of microtransactions and MapleStory, South Korean gaming has been growing in respect and relevance in the west.


There’s a lot to learn from this rich, constantly evolving market, which grew up along lines so different from the U.S., Japan and Europe that it’s difficult to compare — and compete with.


This patch, there are a lot of new things. I’m sure you’ve already notcied in game! I have included what’s new in this patch in these following changelogs. Don’t forget to check out the 4th job skills!

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New Equips

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New Useable

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New ETC + New Cash Items

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New NPCs + Maps

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New Monsters

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New Quests

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New Skills [4th job skills]

[MapleGlobal] v0.49 New Skills [Beginner]

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