Maple Story MS Basic Acronyms & Abbreviations

Maple story is a interesting game. We all like it. But how to be a high level character, you must learn how to use some basic acronyms & abbreviations


Rather basic acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly used. Somewhat helpful.


T> means Trading

B> means Buying

S> means Selling

J> means Joining

G> means Giving Away






Vic-victoria island


Ks – Kill Stealing


Mushhies – Mushrooms

Jr.Sent – Jr. Sentinel

Sent – Sentinel

Ice Sent – Ice Sentinel

Fire sent – Fire Sentinel

Trix – Trixters

Kargos – Wild Kargos

 If you wanna to be a high lvl character in Maplestory. Plz familiar with these actions.Then highlight everything and press ctrl -c once then hold ctrl – v and click(note:hold ctrl – v while you click too)Happy maplingGood luck Default Author Bio 

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    Why not only MSBasic xD!

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