MY Lotro Tips Book 12 Hunter skills

Lord of the rings.

Now it is the book 12 of Lotro.

Here are some tips about the change which BTW made us more powerful. How to more power, how to get more lotro gold, how to level faster. Here are the Lotro Tips


Basics: we are RANGED but when soloing we spend 50% of the fight at melee thats why Turbine improved the melee skills.


Use Swift Arrow as an opener and all the usal stuff but learn to use the melee skills. Check the blindside skill: adds with no induction 3 focus (that will let you use penetrating shot soon after) and check the other skills (like swift stroke) for a +8% parry chance. At level 50 this is more than 20% parry chance…

Learn to combine the new skills to deliver more DPS in less time by avoiding induction times. If you are waiting for a cooldown use some of the melee skills that are ready to go since they deal more damage now and provide som bonuses.


Whoa, talk about putting your passion for the game (and for gold?) and your Net savvy together! This new maptool, courtesy of a European fansite, is a useful resource and aide for players.


According to LOTRO Europe, the maptool currently has “around 760 monsters, 900 NPCs and 122 areas”.


View the maptool here.


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