Maybe Too Much Fluff in the lotro?

We all know that Lord of the rings online (lotro) is a great mmoprg game. But in this period of time there are lots of complaints in lots of lotro discussion forums.

The game updates several times after the Book 12. But we still can hear that too much fluff in the game.


Here is a complaint from one player:

“This post may upset a few people but I think the developers have got to try and keep the majority of its subscribers happy.

What is the point of all this PvP which is not true PvP in the sense of other MMO’s. I thought LOTRO was suppose to be PvE first and foremost.

All these dressing room and different attires I thought would be for RP’s in the main which are in the minority.

Having spent 4 months waiting for Book 12 to come out with great anticipation to find that a lot PvE which was fine has now been broke.

Did you spend 3 or the 4 months trying to satisfy the PvP’ers in the new Ettendeep because that is also very dissappointing.

No doub’t we are going to wait another 3 months so you can perfect Hobbies and Fishing in Book 13.

Lets get the raiding instances right The Rift, and Helegrod was fine until you decided to rearrange the pathing issues.

Come on turbine stop trying to fix what isn’t broke and sort all the bugs out then you can concentrate on all the Fluff.”

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