Changing from farmer of Lotro lord of the rings online

I am on my first charactor and on starting (in ignorance as to what the game was about) I chose to be a farmer ……. however I would like to change this to a more dynamic hobby


can I do this, if so who do I visit ?


tnx in advance


It depends on how you want to play the game, I think.


If you have just one character, you can get through the levels more quickly and into the other areas like evendim, Rivendell & Angmar more quickly. The downside is that you only see one type of race and character.


If you play more than one, you get the chance to try out a different race or class. In the eralier levels, you get to see different areas, depending on which race you choose – ered Luin, the Shire, Breeland etc. The downside to that is that you don’t get through the levels so quickly.


Different people will tell you to do different things. I find it hard to stick with just one character, even though I think I should do, because I like the variety – But that’s just my preference

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