New Leaf City in Maple Story

Nexon just released New Leaf City in their most recent patch, and here I am to give you some tips on where to get things, where the hard, easy, and in between monsters are. Most importantly, how to get the Amorian Relaxer!

Tip #1. Boomers= BIG EXP

You need:

1. A F/P Mage with Poison Mist

2. Nobody around that will ks you

At the Boomer map have the F/P Mage use Poison Mist until the Boomers multiply into the thousands… then mob then all for at least 56K EXP!!!! Well, if you are in the thousands and none kses you of course.


Tip #2. Godly drops

In MesoGears, which resides within Bigger Ben, there is a monster that drops ilbis and Blue Screamers. What monster is it? The Wolf Spider. Although a lvl 80 monster, for the higher lvls this is paradise for both training and drops… may be the answer to all high lvls’ prayers.


Tip #3. Easy money for everyone… maybe?

For the 1st John Barricade quest you must kill 50 Killa Bees, 40 Fire Tusks, and 30 Mighty Maple Eaters. All should be fairly easy. For completing the quest you get some exp, +2 Fame, and… AND A 60% GLOVE ATTK SCROLL. You may be crying with joy at getting what should be an easy 6 mil… but it isn’t. Due to everyone completing the quest the scroll’s price has dropped to 1 mil at best… oh well. However, WGs (Work Gloves) are now in high demand so make a couple and sell them for 50-100k each!



Ok, this is very hard to get. Considering if you are under lvl 70 it is impossible for you to get it. Here’s what you gotta do. First, complete ALL of New Leaf City’s quests. (Lvl 80 quests don’t count) Then a new quest will pop up out of nowhere. Complete this quest and you get the Amorian Relaxer which I believe heals 60 hp every 10 seconds. Looks awesome though!

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  2. GrahamDent Says:

    it took a while for me to get to New Leaf City, but it was worth it. also thanks for the tips for the fire/poison mage, its pretty useful

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