Goodbye Scania, Goodbye Maple Story Maybe.

So I wanna say goodbye to my friends who didn’t know/hear that I’m moving to a Bellocan server. Some of my friends know the reasons already but I’m gonna tell em here.


Reasons why I wanna leave:


1. ReVeng (I think people know what I mean (holding altar, etc.))

2. Scania is too crowded, pretty unavailable to zak or.. train sometimes o.o

3. Drama..KSing..A lot lame people..


A reason why I wanna stay:


1. Friends


It was hard to leave all my friends on scania so I hope that even some of them will come to Bellocan with me ^^. Anyway I choosed to change a server, otherwise I’d quit MS maybe.


Bye, gonna mis you all. ^.^


*L> friends from Bellocan LOL*

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