New “Seven Swords” reward of Lotro?

Just wondering if anyone managed to catch the new “Seven Swords” quest before it got pulled.


As part of the Angmar changes, the sword quests were changed from the old, fellowship-needed 7 swords to just killing 7 named (normal) angmarim scattered in a fairly small part of Angmar, followed by a small-fellowship instance to finish the quest chain off.


I didn’t bother doing it until after the patch, by which point the final quest had been pulled because it was bugged (small fellowship quest but you could only enter it solo).


However I was reading on the Turbine forums that one of the selectable rewards from the new version is a pocket item with +14 Might, +14 Vit, +14 Agi, +1%parry. Sounds decent, was wondering if anyone had seen the quest/completed the quest before it got switched off by the patch to confirm this?


Also in pocket items, the Aughaire Challenge quest series has one that’s worth considering for raiding: -1.5% melee vun, +13 vit, +might (only a little but there’s a clicky for +15might for 10mins every 30 as well), +79 morale. Since you don’t really need massive evades in PvE raids it might be worth having it for the extra vit/moral.

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