Many Player Moderators Not Suited For The Job in Runescape

Recently I have been seeing many Player Moderators in Runescape not acting as they are supposed to. Sometimes some new player asks a pmod a question (I know pmods aren’t obligated to answer every question) and the pmod either says “noob”, ignores the player, or responds using incorrect grammar (u instead of you and ect).


I have also been seeing way too many pmods using incorrect grammar, that (in my opinion) is a bad example of a pmod! Player Moderators are supposed to set a good example for the rest of the players. To me, it is pretty sad seeing a player moderator who can’t spell (I don’t mean one error in a whole sentence, the whole sentence being filled with grammar errors).


Sometimes while walking around I get asked some questions by Pmods (it doesn’t happen like everyday but sometimes it happens). The questions vary – they can be a very stupid question about RS or can be a question about RS1 (like “Were Partyhats tradeable at first?”). Player Moderators are supposed to know almost everything (not to the last detail but very well general. Also don’t take the Partyhat as an example. I know RS1 was very long ago and not many people from RS1 still play).


Also, I have seen some Pmods being pretty offensive to others (I know they’re humans and have their limits but if they were smart enough to get Player Moderator status, they should be smart enough to [1] mute the player if he/she is being too offensive or [2] ignore the player and go on). I have witness pmods calling people (mostly newbies) things like “loser”, “idiot”, “imbecile”, “noob” and many more names.


The great majority of the Pmods I’m describing were players who, almost, the only thing they did was report players for the simplest (and lamest) reasons (or for autoing  ). Jagex gave them Pmod status assuming they were fit but as we might be seeing.. they are not.


This is one example of not-well-suited pmod



I’m NOT saying all Pmods are like this. There are Pmods who are very well suited for the status they hold.


So whats your opinion on this issue?



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9 Responses to “Many Player Moderators Not Suited For The Job in Runescape”

  1. timmy51197 Says:

    fuck you….

  2. timmy51197 Says:

    fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

  3. timmy51197 Says:

    thats my opinion

  4. Ice Wa... Says:

    timmy51197 u are idiot…

  5. Tak Says:

    Well grammar isn’t all that important,
    I am not expecting you to believe me when i say this but i am a P-mod.
    In forum posts grammar should be used, However in-game it isn’t to easy to use the grammar, Especially when you are trying to talk to five different people as fast as you can,
    I guess its not how you write that makes the Moderator, Its what you write.
    As for calling people “noob” & “idiot” ect…Well I don’t think its right or polite,
    I could understand if you were joking around with your friends & calling them noobs (I often do) But straight out calling some random person asking you stuff a noob isn’t at all right.
    As for knowing everything, I do specialize in a few different area’s, Can’t say i know absolutely everything there is to know (my head would explode) But In certain area’s (such as rules) I know my stuff.
    Anyway, back to the grammar, as this was my main point.
    I don’t think its from an inability to spell, Its just habitual.
    Anyways, no hard feelings, you are entitled to your own opinion as i am to mine.
    Timmy I do not think that was called for.
    I hope i am apart of the minority that you like.
    Oh By the way my user name on runescape is
    If you add me i won’t show up as online but my clan chat is almost always open, Very rarely is it closed, I have to admit sometimes i forget to re-open after closing it.
    Anyways No hard feelings.

  6. browser rpg Says:

    I played runescape for two years, if only my boss knew how much time at work i spent playing that game ;|

  7. johney runescape Says:

    To much gaming is bad for your health! you will get fat there are loads of other things you can do in life. but still a nice story

  8. Santiagi Diaz Says:

    We are sure do know NOW how to do it,, very informative

  9. Myron Says:

    I agree with the author of the article. There are so many rude moderators who I think do not deserve the title. I have been playing for 10 years now and have met the criteria for being a moderator (helping players, playing the game honestly, etc) much more than most of these moderators who have played for only 2-4 months. And yet I have never been chosen, oh well hopefully I will be someday.

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