When you reopen Bounty Hunter? Jagex!

When you reopen Bounty Hunter? Jagex!

I think every runescape player knows the news about BH.
27th February 2009 – Temporary Closure of the Bounty Hunter Craters. And now about 20 days past… Jagex did not reopen the BH, God damn.. Give back our pking our wildness. We miss it so much..

Temporary removal of Bounty Hunter.

We have temporarily closed the entrances to the Bounty Hunter craters while we fix a few problems with it. Broadly speaking, we are looking to fix the following issues:

* The level-matching system wasn’t working at all well, with players often ending up in unfair battles they were unlikely to win.
* With the launch of PvP worlds, Bounty Hunter suddenly became less populated, which meant the bounty mechanic stopped working properly. We still love the idea of a bounty mechanic with players being given targets, but we think it can be done so much better, especially given what we have now learnt from PvP worlds.
* Real-world trading was occurring at quieter times of the day.

Don’t worry, Bounty Hunter isn’t disappearing forever – we’re just disabling it while we fix the problems. Bounty Hunter will be back.

We do not intend to reset the hiscores tables associated with the minigame, and will make sure that everyone’s hard work on those hiscores is not lost.

You will still be able to use the Bounty Hunter bank and the games necklace teleport to the area.

Mod Mark
Lead Designer – RuneScape

I got some messages from official forum… Lots of guys’ words are very polite. But I think we (players)are vulnerable groups to jagex. We do what they told us… Ok, they close the BH, what we can do now? Just waiting? No, it’s just give me reason to quit runesape.
And what they said it’s different from what they used to be. So I would tell my parents to cancel the payments for the member fee. But the goods is not as descriptive. We have rights to cancel the payments.
I decide say no to jagex. Even they use the money we pay them to hire lots of lawyers against me.

Let me show the messages to u:

  • Some guys said: awesome, looks like i finally have a reason to permantly quit…. the only reason why people play runescape instead of WoW (apart from computer capabilities) is the fact you can kill players for all their stuff which creates an element of excitement.. oh well .
  • Nick : I’d have to agree on some of these circumstances, Real World Trading(runescape money) will be impossible to do for a short time being, but I’m sure they’ll be back sooner, or later. Which means, this is a pick rock in their window… *does some wierd dance* I think the RWTing issues are getting resolved quite quickly, & efficiently. Thanks,
  • lee: Well, one real good thing about this is that for a little while at least, RWT will be 100% impossible. Something that’s been wanted by some of us for an extremely long time!
  • Some other guys said: I’ve been hearing alot of garbage about 50-80% loot (runescape gold) system. I’m really not liking this fabricated system of loot.
    If this is what will be implemented, then I will have to quit bounty hunter and possibly RuneScape.
  • Edit: Also i’ve been hearing about a new Penalty system were it might be longer and has the ability to remove the penalty glitch. i would be thankful for this part. let me know.
  • Lots of player: Just want their WILDERNES !!! (old pk) given back. 95% of rs player want it back. no1 give a **** of wat nerds trade irl . we all want to kill and get a fair drop from kiling, if u wont back in old pking u will lose ur customers for membership or wven runescape .. be smart ppl back in old wild… (soulfire rullz )
  • But some guys think

    1. Not everyone only cares about PKing – easily more than half of RuneScape players find it decidedly boring.

    2. RWT was destroying RuneScape – just think of the times when we were swarmed with bots, and how much everyone complained about THAT. If you like, its their fault that the limits came in the first place!

    3. Its only for a little while! Be patient.

To all the people saying that they’re going to quit RS/Bounty Hunter because of this, are the people that we really don’t want in RS.

  • Can’t you see that Jagex is making the game BETTER for all of us? The people that should be bothered by this is Real World Traders, but for all of us legit players, it’s great that Jagex are really going to crack down on a well-known RWT method – Bounty Hunter! Better? ahah instead of we lose what real game!!!
  • So in other words, before you go bashing Jagex, just remember that:

    a) Without them you wouldn’t be here in this runescape game having fun at all.

    b) They haven’t even announced what these updates will be, so stop saying that they’re going to ruin Bounty Hunter. If anything, they’ll make them better, since it’s gotten less popular with the introduction of PvP worlds!

    Keep up the good work Jagex!

  • lock: hope jagex relises that it is IMPOSSIBLE! to due away with real world trading unless you COMPLETELY remove trading,moster drops, the assist system, coinshare,lootshare, and any other method of transfering ANYTHING at all.
  • Jack: hope the Jagex team realises by being so uptight about somthing such as rwt which is impossible to get rid of there ruining their once fun game called runescape.
  • Some suggestions to improve bounty hunter:
    1-the range of levels is crazy 55-100? a more even range lvl would be better
    2-fix the target system which accually puts you againts somone your own lvl (powerleveling).
    3- allow more people inside the crater per world.
  • I think it’s ridiculous it took them 2 years to remove it. They care about RWT when it suits them. They care about customers when it suits them. They care about the game when it suits them. They just do what they want and everyone has to go with it.
  • I agree with everyone spamming ‘failscape’.

And these words are on runescape forum. you know what players said on other forums ? Bull shit… Go to hell jagex…and other words you supposed to know.

Jagex should fight with RWT, but dont let players lose the fun the pking at bh.
And what is rgp online? without pking? <_>!!!
Now what? suppose to wait another 20 days?


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