Do You Dream About Runescape?, I did.

Well, I woke up this morning after a dream I had about Runescape.

My dream was that a friend in real life, came to my home to take his strength skillcape.

After that dream, I remembered I had many dreams of Runescape before, and I was wondering if anyone else dreams about Runescape.


I guess the dreams can be separated to 3 categories.


1. In-game dreams:

The most common dream type, you just see Runescape and things that usually happen in it, like you fight a KBD and die, or you cook lobsters, the normal situation that you get in the game itself.


2. Weird dreams:

This is the type that shows something that can’t really happen on Runescape, but you still can see it in the dream:

For example: it starts to rain while you try to land an airplane  in the center of Falador.


3. Reality intermixed with Runescape:

That is the kind that I had in my dream. You see reality (not the game) and you get things that are imported from Runescape.

For example: I came to the restaurant and asked the waitress to bring me a shark for 1k.



Now, I want to hear all the dreams you can remember of, the dream categories are just a way to make you remember them as we don’t remember most of the dreams we had.

Will love to know your Runescape dreams


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