Old Runescape Members Worlds, the untold story

You know how people who have played since classic Runescape compare the old game to the new Runescape2 or the old community to the new one. Well I’m going to bring up and old observation.


When I first joined members in classic, there was a HUGE difference from what I was used to in free world and the members worlds of today. When I joined members back then, I was at least level 60 and completed all possible quests. I felt like I had to do this before even considering paying for members.


When I logged into members for the first week, I cruised around and had very hard time finding anyone whose combat level was mine, lower or even close to mine. What I’m saying is, almost everyone outranked me! It truly felt like going from the amateur league of RS to the professional league. From there I had to work and do more quests to catch up. I barely made it finishing the final hardest quest of the time [Legends Quest] before the RS2  conversion.


Now I go play combat mini games and quests more then skill. I’m old [lol] and have to do things like jobs and fiber eating [lol], so when I log into RS I find myself fighting level 3s and 20s or whatever. I highly doubt they did all the quests or worked on making the members skills they hate go up. When did this happen? How come such low level people are members? It was hard to get people into members because many where happy with free. Now low and middle levels are outnumbering high levels on RS. I assure you this wasn’t always he case!


Why do people start in members rather then train up for it like hardcore players in the old days?



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