Imaging of Cape Of Money

I had this rather strange idea that i could suggest to you all reading this… Just mabe Jagex could create another cape of achievment = cape of money? If you have i dunno say 100m worth of wealth then you could purchsse a cape of money from any banker in runescape and this cape could be avaliable to both runescape member and free to play players. The cape would cost a mere 99k but thats nothing to you if you have 100m worth of wealth. Mabey 100m rs gp might be alot but to a free to play player it would be the only avaliable cape of achievment to them so would it be worth it for them? Good idea? Here is what the runescape cape would look like; I think it would be interesting to see it in game 😛 Love to hear your opion 🙂


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