The Coolest Idea of Runescape Bank

Alright, so I’ve been barrowing for awhile of Runescape Bank,and even though you can organize your RS bank to some extent, I’m still searching around for my items for a few minutes before being able to gear up. That’s when I thought of this. An option to “set” a preset bank inventory list. You get the exact inventory in Runescape which you want (this will also work with equipment wielded) and on your bank interface there’s an inventory/equipment preset button. Press it, and when you press “withdraw preset” it automatically dumps whatever you have into the bank, then withdraws the exact inventory you had. I would totally set it to my barrows gear so I can click a button and be ready for another run. No more forgetting spades, or potions…provided you get it right the first time. I think this fits in well with Jagex’s theme of upgrading RuneScape and would also go hand in hand with the deposit all feature. They’re obviously trying to make your banks more efficient, and this would be the next step. EDIT: Forgot the obvious; if you don’t have enough supplies in your bank to match your preset inventory, you would obviously get a message saying your bank doesn’t hold everything needed to complete the inventory setup.


3 Responses to “The Coolest Idea of Runescape Bank”

  1. mattalan Says:

    nice… thats an awesome idea, kinda like the equipment manager on world of warcraft but for your bank

  2. bot runescape Says:

    great view i agree

  3. janeenburgess28725 Says:

    No mater What, You will always have illegals here in AMERICA. You need them. Dont stress yourself and give yourself headaches trying to do something a Click

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